Spinney Hill Drug and Alcohol Support Services

Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Support Service

At Spinney Hill Drug and Alcohol Support Service (SPRH) we believe that human beings are made up of three component parts, the body, the mind and the soul. At Spinney Hill We have developed a unique pathway that aims to address and overcome deficiencies in all three of these aspects. We believe that if there are deficiencies in any one of these three components parts it will be difficult for an addict to make sustained changes.

Each individual referral to SHRH completes an initial assessment where their needs are assessed. At this stage those who have no money for food are given a daily food voucher so they can have a hot meal every day, they are given access to food banks, support with housing and benefits, and referrals to specialist health care professionals for those with health issues. SHRH workers will also mediate with family members to resolve family disputes.

This is because we believe that before any work can be done around drug reduction these presenting issues need to be resolved, without this initial work change cannot be sustained. At this stage the addict is also allocated a peer mentor. This is a former addict who has been through the

pathway and is now drug free. He/she will support the addict through his/her journey and will be able to give the addict the benefit of his/her experience from a unique perspective

Once these presenting issues have been resolved the addict then moves to the next stage 2 of the


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