Perfectly Edible U.K.

Involving local communities in collecting and redistributing surplus food to those who need it.

Perfectly Edible U.K [PEUK] is a community interest company based in the West End of Leicester.

PEUK has a mission to reduce food waste and create access to food, particularly those suffering food insecurity, by rescuing and redistributing surplus food that would otherwise be wasted.

Every Friday there is a Community Caféas where a delicious 3-course meal made entirely from surplus food. Alongside this is the uique Pay-As-You-Wish Market where anyone can access the variety of fresh and packaged produce for a very affordable donation. 

PEUK also has Community Shop in The West End Neighbourhood Centre that is currently open 4 days a week. All of the stock is heavily discounted.

The shop increases the amount of food prevented from being wasted as well as being a sustainable resource to the community. It enables anyone, particularly those suffering food insecurity, access to healthy produce that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

In addition to running cafes, markets and the shop, Perfectly Edible acchieves the following:

  • Provides Food Parcels to those suffering food poverty and insecurity.
  • Delivers food to schools so that a) families have access to healthy produce and b) schools can raise funds by hosting their own Pay-As-You-Wish Markets.
  • Enables groups, individuals and organisations wishing to minimise their ecological footprint and support a small company, to utilise its sustainable catering service that empowers volunteers and community members who make delicious dishes from surplus produce.
West End Neighbourhood Centre, Andrewes Street
Andrewes Street
United Kingdom