Club and Membership Secretary

The Secretary is the administration officer of the Club and provides the links between the Committee, members and outside agencies, they manage the Club's records, including membership records.

About the opportunity

Specific duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ensure that proper notification is given of an AGM/SGM, Committee and Club meetings, as specified in the rules 
  • Attend committee meetings and AGM and record the Minutes of Committee meetings and the AGM and ensure minutes are distributed shortly after each meeting by e-mail
  • Prepare agendas in consultation with the President/other Committee members and distribution prior meetings
  • Responsible for co-ordinating the Annual Report for presentation to the AGM
  • Ensure that the records of the Club are maintained and available, include Club Rules (updated after the AGM), founding documents, list of Committee members, Committee meeting and AGM/SGM Minutes, financial reports, the Club’s GDPR statement and other official records 
  • Manage the general correspondence of the Committee, answering enquiries and helping the Committee in providing communication between the Committee and Club members
  • Responsible for Annual Membership renewal subscriptions
  • Issue membership renewals, keep records of renewals and delete personal information according to data protections regulations
  • Collect membership payments and pay into the bank
  • Maintain a log of payments and members details on membership database


Training / support given – help from committee and other club members

Time commitment - 2 – 3 hours per week at times to suit the volunteer, plus attendance at meetings and occassional  eveing monthly meetings

Volunteer needs ability to produce reports and documents and at least basic skills in using spreadsheets, must be able to handle confidential information and deal with money.


Location – volunteer expected to work from home using their own computer.