Community Fridges in Coalville, Hinckley, Loughborough and Wigston

Leicestershire County Council's Children and Family Wellbeing Service runs Community Fridges in Coalville, Hinckley, Loughborough and Wigston. These Community Fridges accept donations of food that would go to waste, toiletries and other items from local shops and businesses, which are then offered to the local community to come to collect for free.

As the lockdown is easing in part of Leicestershire, the Community Fridge prohjects are once again looking for volunteers to help.

There are many ways you can support the Community Fridge:

Short on time? Why not try micro volunteering?

Do you want to volunteer, but are short on time, looking to do something from home, or wanting a volunteering role that can be flexible around your other commitments? If so, then micro volunteering could be for you!

Micro volunteering is a volunteering acctivity that can be completed in small, bite-sized chunks, and most conventient they can be completed at any time and anywhere, so you can be flexible in how you get involved.

Branching Out Project Workshop - Tuesday 9th June

This project is aimed at likeminded individuals who are interested and inspired to learn more about what they can do to monitor and help their natural environment.

The online resources will focus on how you can improve your health and wellbeing using nature. The project will include videos that consist of skills training, practical project demonstrations and in-formative videos.

We are facilitating a joint workshop on Tuesday 9th June at 11am-12noon to discuss this project in more detail and I would like to invite you to attend.


Charnwood Forest Geoheritage Workshop Wednesday 10th June

Charnwood Forest Geoheritage Workshop

Date: Wednesday 10th June

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Location: Online


Charnwood has some of the most significant geology in Britain: from incredible fossils of some of the first animals, to amazing ancient volcanoes that continue to shape the landscape today. The region’s exceptional geological heritage prompts a question: what more should be done to celebrate, promote, and protect this unique resource?


Volunteering at the Loughborough Carillon War Memorial Museum

Volunteering at the Loughborough Carillon War Memorial Museum

The most noble and beautiful building in Loughborough is, without doubt, the Carillon Tower, built after the Great War as a memorial to those Loughborough men who died in that war.

During normal times the tower is open to the public and three floors of the tower are given over to a military museum which is run entirely by volunteers.

Volunteering Network and Learn Event on Tuesday 2nd June 10am-12 noon on Zoom

VAL are planning an online Volunteering Network and Learn Event on Tuesday 2nd June 10am-12noon if your are a Volunteering Involving Organisation and would like to attend this meeting it will take place on Zoom.

As with our face to face meetings, we are taking bookings via Eventbrite, so if you could please book online to attend:


Evington Mutual Aid Volunteer Opportunity

Evington Mutual Aid was set up, like other mutual aid groups, in order to have a local volunteer in every street in Evington ward who will keep a look out in their street and make sure nobody 'falls through the net' and is unable to access help and support while they are self-isolating.  Local volunteers receive helpful information through the Evington network which is coordinated by Hannah Wakley.  Our MP, Claudia Webbe, has been active in supporting this scheme throughout Leicester East.  She says, "It works because it is about communities coming together at a street level who know each o

Volunteering and Car Insurance

The Association of British Insurers has issued advice to confirm how it is supporting customers and communities that may be affected by Coronavirus.

From a volunteering perspective, their advice confirms that they are waiving any requirements for people who may be key workers or who may take on roles to offer support to people in their local communities. Therefore, anyone taking on a volunteering role and using their own vehicle will not need to notify their insurer at this time.