VAL Volunteering's New Site Launched

We’re pleased to announce that we've created our own service for advertising volunteering opportunities online.

Why have we created a new volunteering system?

The VAL Volunteering platform is designed to allow local organisations to promote opportunities to local volunteers. It will focus on volunteering opportunities within Leicester and Leicestershire, and will enable us to better deliver our service to local communities.

For organisations whose opportunities we are already managing on the Do-it system, we have automatically created accounts on our new platform. Emails will be sent out for organisations to 'claim' their accounts and start looking for volunteers.

What about opportunities on Do-it?

Initially opportunities will continue to run on Do-it as normal. Our eventual goal will be to remove ourselves from Do-it. Organisations will be free to advertise your own opportunities there, but we will no longer offer a managed service to do so.

We'll keep you up to date on our progress with this as development of our own service continues.