Evington Mutual Aid Volunteer Opportunity

Evington Mutual Aid was set up, like other mutual aid groups, in order to have a local volunteer in every street in Evington ward who will keep a look out in their street and make sure nobody 'falls through the net' and is unable to access help and support while they are self-isolating.  Local volunteers receive helpful information through the Evington network which is coordinated by Hannah Wakley.  Our MP, Claudia Webbe, has been active in supporting this scheme throughout Leicester East.  She says, "It works because it is about communities coming together at a street level who know each other."  Voluntary Action Leicester offer help in recruiting and signposting volunteers throughout the city and county. The mutual aid volunteers help their neighbours with all sorts of errands, from picking up prescriptions and groceries to walking dogs or even just being available for a chat when someone is feeling lonely. They have even helped to find a bakery that will deliver a birthday cake to someone whose family live in Scotland and wanted to help their grandad celebrate!  The group is aiming to make sure that no-one feels alone during this difficult time. There are still a few streets in Evington that haven't got a volunteer, particularly in the Rowlatt's Hill area and around Downing Drive. If you live in Evington and you are able to volunteer to support your community, please contact Hannah at h.r.wakley [a] gmail.com