Diabetes UK are looking for volunteers to help with a local group for Leicester

Diabetes UK are working with Leicester Diabetes Centre on a new initiative to support people in the UK with early onset type 2 diabetes virtually. We are developing a safe space for people to come together to share their experiences of living with type 2 diabetes in a supportive environment.

There will be regular opportunities to connect with others in a similar age group through friendly and informal meetings. These will be held online to start with, but we hope to also introduce face to face meetings as soon as we can in Leicester.

If you are aged under 40 and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes we would love to hear from you. Help us build a powerful network of support for people like you. 

See the Diabetes UK page on the VAL Volunteering website for more information: https://www.volunteerleicestershire.org.uk/organisation/diabetes-uk-0