COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Support Volunteers

Like most other organisations, Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council have been planning how to respond to COVID-19 – identifying critical services, planning to keep them open and thinking about the wider implications for residents and communities.

Important notice

We've had a huge response for volunteering in Leicester and Leicestershire, with over 2,000 people offering their time to help in their local communities.

Because of the high demand, we aren't able to respond to every application as quickly as we would like to. Please bear with us while we work through all of the applications, and we appreciate your patience.

We are looking to build up a bank of volunteers to join us and our Voluntary and Community Sector partners in supporting Leicester and Leicestershire people during this unprecedented time. We know that there is a lot of effort and energy going into this at the moment on a local community level, but do recognise that it’s important to work with partners to do what we can to coordinate this effort.

You will ideally be someone who enjoys working with other people you may not have met before, be keen to help in a crisis and be willing to be flexible to the continually changing situation.

If you're an organisation who needs volunteers to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can sign up here

What you could be doing

We don’t know for sure yet exactly what the volunteering opportunities might involve, but examples include:

  • Reaching out to people in the community and providing information and advice
  • Dog walking if people are unable to get out themselves
  • Providing a friendly phone call service to help people that may be isolated or lonely
  • Picking up shopping for those that can’t do it easily themselves
  • Posting mail

Part of the reason we are trying to map your skills, qualifications and experience is to help us to determine how volunteers might be able to support different services or needs.

Please complete your details below

Communication preferences

The information you submit in this form will be used by VAL, Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council to ensure we can offer suitable volunteering opportunities to applicants. The information you submit may be shared with relevant organisations if they request volunteers. We will keep you updated by email about COVID-19 volunteering opportunities, but we will not send you any other marketing emails without your consent.

Skills and Experience

You don’t necessarily need to have any of the below – this information will just help us to find the best fit for you as a volunteer.

Safeguarding and wellbeing of Volunteers

In light of the developing situation we want to keep our volunteers and citizens safe. Clear guidance will be provided to all volunteers about what to do regarding this.

If you consider yourself to be in an at-risk group or are well but self-isolating, please provide that information through this registration process. It may be that there are volunteering activities that can be undertaken with limited or no direct contact with others and that would still be gratefully received by those in need.

If you can help provide volunteer support, please register on this page so we can start building up a bank of people we can call on when needed.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.