The benefits of volunteering

When you volunteer you’re giving your time for free but you’ll be richly rewarded. Volunteering can have huge benefits not only for the organisations recruiting volunteers, but also for the community and for the volunteers themselves.

Benefits for individuals

  • Build your CV and get postive references
  • Gain (and demonstrate) skills to help you become more employable
  • Improve your existing skills
  • Put your knowledge and skills to good use to help others
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Improve your physical and mental wellbeing

Benefits for the community

  • Support those members of the community in most need of help
  • Make difference to the lives of other people
  • Bringing the community together socially
  • Help local organisations to continue delivering important services

Benefits for organisations

  • Continue to deliver important services to the local community
  • Incorporate a wider range of skills and points of view
  • Find new ways to deliver services